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How To Remote Control your torrent downloads from your iPhone (uTorrent)

How To Remote Control your torrent downloads from your iPhone (uTorrent)

First of all you need to make sure you are using uTorrent to download your torrents on your PC and then do the following steps. Its true we cannot sit always on computer and might search for things and have thought to download something and need to be done without sitting over your PC, this is best way!

uTorrent is one of the best ways to download large files and if you are not using it to download your torrents, then i suggest you to download it.

Before you start, be aware that you’ll need to download either the Mac version of uTorrent, or a windows compatible version to follow along with this tutorial. You can download it

  • Visit on your iDevice.
  • Select the share tab on the bottom of Safari, select ‘Add to home screen’.
  • On your computer, access the preferences for uTorrent.
  • Select the ‘Remote’ tab.
  • Select ‘uTorrent Remote’.
  • Check ‘Enable uTorrent Remote’.
  • Fill in a computer name and password.
  • Select ‘Sign In’.
  • Back on your mobile device, launch the new uTorrent for iPhone web icon on your home screen.
  • Enter the same credentials you selected from the process on your computer.
  • You should now successfully be able to log into your uTorrent account, and start, stop, pause torrent files on the go!

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