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Best Apple iPhone 5 Cases Available Online

Unlike the earlier version of iPhones, in which a user could possibly use their old iPhone case on the newer model, you won’t be able to do the same with iPhone5. Apple has given a new form factor to iPhone 5 making it much thinner and taller and thus your old iPhone cases won’t fit to the newest model. The only option left with you is to buy a brand new iPhone 5 case for your device. Thankfully, a lot of mobile phone case manufacturers have come up with several stylish, durable and practical cases that will not only help to protect your phone from damage but will also enhance its appearance.

Minimalist Protector Case Price



Griffin offers a simple yet sober case which looks like a velvet glove that is wrapped around a gold brick. The extra thick reinforced silicone cladding offers complete protection to the device. The rich matte finish of the case provides an easy and comfortable grip to the user.

Pop! Case with Stand



Case Mate has come with a functional and durable design with its Pop!Case for Apple iPhone 5. Emphasizing on the 4 inch screen of the device, Case Mate has provided an in built stand so as to allow the user to enjoy the media in landscape or portrait mode.

Cassette Tape Case

Price:- $44.95


This design by Zazzle resembles that of a cassette tape and is becoming highly popular among the iPhone 5 users. The case is built using the SoundScoop technology which helps in amplifying the power of the speaker of the phone while at the same time protects the exterior. This superb case is also much lighter in weight and resists impact to great extent. You can even customize this case.

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