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The New iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C And Their Sales Figures

Introducing the iPhone 5C version available as accessible option for the iPhone 5S model proved to be a good strategy for Apple, even if the price difference between the two was less than we had hoped.


According to reports obtained by Taiwanese component suppliers, Apple has enjoyed rising sales throughout the month of September, already 9-10% increase compared to August. The result looks the best since the new models iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C went on sale after September 20, and initial stocks of products were limited in quantity and covered regions.

With better product inventory stocked on many markets, sales of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will certainly bring significant profit for Apple and beyond, but it does not stop here. This autumn will bring a new version of the iPad tablet.

According to the latest rumors, iPad 5 is a major upgrade brought to the iPad tablet with a normal screen size with enough news to interest users willing to change the old one with a new device. Stay close for further details, we will be always here with breaking news and latest rumors.

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