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Must Have Apps for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

As there are millions of apps in the iOS store, you may face a tough time in deciding which one of them you should actually have on your iPhone 5C or 5S. iOS 7 comes with a good number of fantastic inbuilt apps ranging from Safari to iMesage to Siri etc. These apps are enough to get you started, but only start. To get the best out of your Apple iPhone 5C or 5S, following are some must have apps for your device.




This cloud storage app provides you with online storage. In iOS 7, this app will provide you near line access to all the similar files. The improved version of the app also offers powerful integration for the developers that will allow other apps to tie into their service. Dropbox offers you a certain amount of storage space free, whereas more storage can easily be purchased online.





This is a great music identification app for not only iPhone 5C and 5S but also for majority of the smartphones. It helps you to identify any song that is playing and you can buy and download it immediately. All you need to do is to launch Shazam, tap on the screen and point your device towards the music source. As long as the music is clear, loud and well known to be identifiable, Shazam will find it and will display the results.

Launch Center Pro



You may find several really good iOS 7 lauching apps, however not all of them have got decent launching actions. This is why you must download Launch Center Pro. All you need to do is to drop it on your Dock and when you will tap on it, it will provide you with an array of functions. Using this action center, you can tweet, send message, calls, check mails etc.

1Password Login



No doubt Apple has provided a glimpse of iCloud keychain in their iOS 7, but there are yet to deploy it.  However, 1Password is a really brilliant robust app that you can use for this purpose. It consist of an inbuilt browser that supports all your logins, licenses, accounts and credit cards. The 1Password syncs them across various platforms and devices.

Reeder 2 RSS reader


Irrespective of whether you are a heavy online user or not, you must have this app for your iPhone 5S and 5C. This app allows you to save and organize the RSS feed from all your favourite blogs and website.  Ever since the Google dropped the Google Reader and Apple dropped RSS Support from Safari, it is never easy for the news junkies. However, with Reeder 2RSS reader, you can easily sync various feed and services.




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